Added fat cheddar and vitamins removed

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Now even thicker, happier, fun-size, man-size, tear and share, 50% extra free, family- size, jumbo- size, XXL, double chocolate, triple chocolate, biggest ever, sugar-free, 100% fat-free, family night in, lunchables, on the go, grab bags and tastiest yet. You can’t … Continue reading

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‘Mansplaining’ mansplained for men

This post is an explanation of the phrase ‘mansplaining’. Let’s go back to basics. An explanation is an account of something that makes it clear. The word ‘explanation’ originates from late Middle English: from the Latin explanatio(n-) and from the … Continue reading

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How to have an ‘Informal Chat’ at work

1. Tense up If your manager asks you for an ‘Informal Chat’,  brace yourself. Asking for an Informal Chat is an attempt to create a relaxed environment in which to deliver some seriously uncomfortable news. The Informal Chat is a … Continue reading

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How to write a risk log in 6 easy steps

1. Find the template A risk without a template is not a risk. Ask the Head of Templates (project manager) for the correct template. The template will be flexible, light touch and meaningful. It is a tool to help you, … Continue reading

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5 ways small charities can be less business like

Some say that small charities must act more like businesses . I say small charities must act less like businesses. First the public sector went over to the dark side with its targets, call centres,  dashboards and motivational training. Now … Continue reading

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A tabloid style rant against privilege gone mad

You’ve heard of political correctness gone mad. This is a tabloid style column against privilege gone mad. Privilege consists of the special advantages, immunity, permission, rights and benefits enjoyed by many white wealthy middle-aged men. You can’t pretend you haven’t … Continue reading

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How to innovate in local government

1. Copy The best innovations have been done. Copy practice from another region or country but not from your own organisation. Innovation always looks better from a distance. It looks particularly good in a PDF. Innovation can be emailed over … Continue reading

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